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"We love and trust Kirkberg Connections for all of our jewelry! Their service and personal touch sets them apart from all other jewelers!"
-Sara & Brad Higgins

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Be our guest on Saturday, September 20, 2014 
as Kirkberg Connections hosts a personalized, 
private, jewelry experience which focuses 
on the Restyling of your diamonds or gemstones

Our group will travel by private motor coach to 
Des Moines where you will meet one-on-one 
in a private session with our master jewelers 
and designers to inspire your new jewelry creation.

You will come away with a new perspective, 
new inspiration, a renewed passion 
for the life of your jewelry and a 
Restyled Piece of Art 
that you can wear 
featuring your diamonds or gemstones. 

Unique Restyling Designs starting at $250.

Essentials for the event: 
  • Your Diamond or Gemstone (we can help you find one if necessary)
  • Creative minds and spirits
  • 6 hours of time - Leave at 9 am, Return by 3pm
  • Lunch, snacks, door prizes, beverages provided

Seats are limited - reserve your spot today!

Online Registration Here
September 20
Seats are limited - reserve your spot today!
Online Registration Here
Restyled Design
In the Studio
September 8 through September 19